Walt Disney World

disccasestudy1.gifWhen Walt Disney World recognized the need to make its DISC data center, which processes all transactions for the entire corporation, secure from severe weather and completely redundant in the event of electrical or mechanical failure, MSI was selected as the mechanical design/build team.

The project entailed installing a new central energy plant with Trane chillers, reconfiguring the chilled water feed from the Reedy Creek district energy plant for redundancy, installing, programming, and commissioning a new Trane Tracer Summit automation system with completely redundant diagnostics and web interface and converting dual-source Liebert cooling systems to chilled water.

There were several engineering and logistical challenges. First, the facility had to be completely redundant in every way. Second, the project had to be conducted while keeping the existing facility in operation.

Finally, the product had to withstand 190 mph winds (Class 5 Hurricane). We had no idea that aspect of the facility would be tested by three hurricanes in two months! However, the systems performed flawlessly after the most active hurricane season in several decades. This project is proof positive that teamwork, pre-planning, and execution can result in superior results!