Central Florida Blood Bank

Central Florida Blood Bank had the daunting task of hosting Burnham Institutes pilot laboratory facility until Burnham’s new facility was completed at Lake Nona Medical Research Center in 2009. As part of the significant modifications required supporting Burnham, the Blood Bank had to upgrade its late 80s vintage Trane Tracer 100 building automation system.

MSI was called upon to design the automation upgrade, utilizing the latest Trane Summit hardware. We developed a new series of graphics for the blood bank staff allowing them to better manage the eight air handling systems and two Trane chillers in the main building.

In addition, the tissue bank clean room, a Class 10 clean room designed and built by MSI incorporates Trane Summit controls and is now integrated with the main building to provide central operations of these mission critical systems along with a web server that allows access from anywhere in the world.

The Burnham Pilot Laboratory, constructed by both McCree Construction and MSI, includes a separate air handling systems, trane summit automation interface and integration with Phoenix hood and Strobic Air exhaust controls.