Ameripath Corporation

Ameripath Corporation operates lab facilities providing professional analytic or diagnostic services to the medical profession, and patient services throughout the U.S. Ameripath contacted MSI to provide them a design/build solution to for their new facilities on the East Coast. We teamed with Peninsula Engineering (PEI) on this project.

Together the MSI/PEI Team developed a web-based automation system design along with a full mechanical system utilizing Trane intellipac roof top units, Phoenix lab hood controls and Strobic Air exhaust systems. The system includes remote alarm functions, access control, Backnet® integration of Trane, Phoenix, and Strobic Air equipment along with energy management control of the energy intensive laboratory.

Maintaining temperature and humidity in Ameripath’s labs is critical as analysis can be lost or destroyed without proper operating conditions. Couple the strict temperature and humidity requirements with the energy intensive nature of laboratories and T.A.C’s web-based server, automation hardware and software became the logical control solution.